Does your list contain only brand name medications?

None of those you see in the product list are brand names, they are generic.

Can you explain us the main difference between brand name medicines and generics, and what does the term “generic” indicate?

Both medications differ in name, shape, color and price. Normally, a generic medication assumes nomination of the active ingredient, and a manufacturer exploits a brand name. At the same time, a manufacturer is not able to make specific chemical agent granted a patent, and this is a reason that the producers of generic drugs have a possibility to manufacture “generics” in question in a lawful way. They bear the same chemical formulae, and having based on the equivalent active ingredient render the same medical action. Consequently, someone who purchases a generic drug pays less obtaining the identical result simultaneously. The very one thing we shall ask you to be attentive to that only complying with all the recommendations of your health care provider can help you possess the desired effect.

Generics are of the less value comparing with the brand name drugs. Why is it so?

As distinctive from generics, we can say that the most costs of brand name drugs are directly caused by research and developments done and advertisements applied. In USA it is very expensive to obtain FDA approval. That is why generics’ manufacturers being not obliged to recover these costs make them defrayed by consumers.

The pellets which I have received have alternative name printed and look different from the brand name drug. Can you explain me why?

We have said that a manufacturer is not able to make chemical agent granted a patent. Accordingly, generics may have the identical active ingredient as the brand name medications. But we must regard the fact that name and appearance (its shape or color) of the pellet are also patented, thus being considered as intellectual properties. Consequently, use of the brand medication name and shape by generics’ manufacturer is prohibited by copyright law, and that is the reason why generic drugs have alternative appearance in comparison with the brand name medicines.

Can you in any way guarantee the pellets you offer to be highly qualitative?

This is our high priority goal, because it is very obvious that the quantity of customers we have differs according to the quality of our products. That is why we are very concerned in choosing the supplier, testing the products and verifying the documents. Our medicines are made in India by the FDA approved enterprise.

What are the best before dates of your pellets?

The dates of expiration are indicated on each blister differing from batch to batch. Shelf life period lasts for 2 years being calculated from each manufacture date.

Are there any differences between 50mg Viagra tabs and 100mg tabs, and what they involve, if any?

Generic Viagra offered by us is represented in 50mg and 100mg tabs forms, which are the fixed dosages of the active ingredient Sildenafil. According to this, 50mg Viagra pellet contains 50 mg of Sildenafil concentrate and a 100mg Viagra pellet – 100mg of Sildenafil. One need 50mg pellet reference dose for obtaining the desired effect. Nevertheless, we should mention that this dose may effect on various people in a different way; that is why it is recommended to take 25 mg dose from the beginning (it may be one 50 mg pellet divided in two halves and taken separately) and to see if this amount is sufficient, otherwise, to take a whole 50 mg pellet.

Ordering procedure

Is a prescription obligatory needed to order a medication from you?

Sometimes a valid prescription is needed, especially, if it is required by the legislation of the territory, in the boundaries of which you are purchasing a drug. If so, our customer support representative will ask for it to be sent by you upon completing the order.

We ask you to take into consideration that in such a case you should send a prescription to us within a three-day period, otherwise we will not process your order.

You must consult your physician prior to ordering, thus ensuring the medicine you order to be relevant to your specific need.

What are the steps to be taken for ordering a medicine from you?

NOTE: You can only order the products placed on the website. No orders over the phone or by e-mail messaging will be accepted.

For the purpose of ordering a product from us the following steps should be taken:

  1. Select the product with “Buy now” button
  2. Select quantity of product you wish to purchase
  3. Select “Checkout”
  4. Provide information needed for completing the order
  5. Check all fields you filled in, amount of product selected and press the “Submit transaction” button
  6. In case of accepting the order a relevant notification will be provided on the screen, as well as you will receive an electronic order confirmation message at your e-mail address. If you will not receive it within 10 minutes, you should inform us about this and we will repeat the dispatch.

What payment options have the customers by ordering from you?

The following payment options are provided for:

  • Bank credit card payment

When the charge is posted as a matter of fact?

Ordering procedure looks as follow:

After completing the form at the page of checkout and clicking “Submit” button the data provided by the customer are getting transferred to the processing centre. Then the data are being checked and the credit card is being charged. After granting the authorization of the payment the order is deemed adopted and handled.

Can customer be sure that the details of his credit cards are protected from any misuse at your site?

It is very important for us to protect information provided for by our customers; therefore, we do our best for this purpose. When submitting order you are forwarded to secure order page. A customer can check the safety of the page. A padlock icon displayed at the foot of the browsers window indicates that the data provided by you are entered in the SSL form (encrypted), while being transferred to the company, which processes the credit card. Our servers are being inspected every day for any risks, alongside the Web browser security. The inspections are held by McAfee, WebSafe and other reputable companies.

Is there any discount system provided at your site?



Is a product shipped on the territory where am I from?

Products are shipped everywhere, near to all countries worldwide. The only territories are some Asian countries where the orders cannot be delivered.

Where the medicines are from?

The medicines are produced in India; therefore, they are processed in and shipped from India, in particular.

What shipping bags are used by you? Is this obligatory for me to sign for the shipment?

Our customer’s privacy is one of priority goals of our company. That is why you will receive a product in envelope which will be left in your mail box. No signing for the shipment will be needed, while the dispatch will be completed by Standard Mail.

May the product be shipped the same day, just after the order completed?

This can take 1-2 days. We sell the products placed in express delivery stock, but each order shall be inspected and the correctness of shipping information shall be checked. Only after checking completed your order is getting packed and sent.

By what means an order will be shipped? Within what time frames it will be delivered?

In case of providing a mail forwarding address (e.g. PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store, APO/FPO), hotel or educational institution or wrong phone number by you, we cannot send your order by Express International Mail.

We ask you to take into consideration that delivery time we outlined is approximate. This time period may change in case of occurrence of the force majeure events described below.

We do not bear any responsibility for delays caused by custom operations of international mail dispatches.

Additionally, we cannot be responsible for delays caused by stoppages in work of mail services due to Christmas and New Year celebrations, natural disasters, strikes and other events being beyond our control.

What is the cost of delivery?

Cost of delivery may change due to the option of shipping selected by you. As well as, it may depend on the point of destination and the quantity of the products ordered. For precise calculation of the shipping cost you may add the products ordered to shopping cart, and continue with checkout.

Is there any possibility that my order will be delayed at customs?

In such a case you will get a notification. Generally, the customs officers ask if the recipient does not protest against his/her parcel being examined. After that the products will be delivered. Otherwise, and in case of any problems, please connect us, and we will do our best for resolving this problem.

What will be in case of damaging or missing the product?

If this happens you should notify our support team, and we will repeat the dispatch or reimburse your expenses. You can familiarize yourself with the relevant information in our Policies.

Please pay attention that in case of ordering 90 or more pellets they are to be sent in separate shipping bags.

How much will the reshipping of the order cost?

Reshipping will be completed free-of-charge with no additional costs incurred.

Order management

Can I be aware of the status of my order?

Of course, you can check the status by contacting our support team.

In the event of dispatching by Express International Mail you can also obtain tracking number at identical page.

What should I do for cancelling the order?

This information you can get from our Reimbursements and Returns Policy.

Business opportunities

Do you want to cooperate with us as a supplier? Do you want to propose new product to us?

Please send your proposal in details to our e-mail address, and we will gladly give consideration to it. In addition, please note that the products you offer should comply with the quality requirements and be granted the certificates of quality.