Our policy

Shipping policy

We sell the products made in and shipped from India, therefore, the shipping period lasts significant amount of time. Basically, this period takes 10-17 days, and sometimes near 5 days delay may occur.

If the product will not be delivered in due time, you should let us know, and we will take reasonable steps for solving the issues on your behalf.

Policy of order cancellation

Please remember that maximum period for order to be cancelled is 24 hours after order submitting. If you decide to cancel your order you should get in contact with our support team by phone or e-mail within 24 hours, otherwise, the order will not be cancelled.

While filling the order form you are recommended to revise twice the shipping address you provide, since any error information will result in non-delivery of the product you ordered. In case of any mistakes in address notes inserted by you, please let us know about it as soon as possible.

Refund policy

The drugs which we sell are generics identical with brand name medications, thus we ensure that they have equivalent chemical composition and medical effect.

In case of any dissatisfaction connected with the use of our medication you should notify us about. We will inform you of the address details for returning the product and ensure that as soon as our returns department will receive the product, the refund procedure will start.

Be sure that you administer the right dosage in compliance with the use recommendations. Remember that the medical effect may be achieved later because of fatty food and alcohol taken prior to the pellet.

If the product will not be delivered in due time (usually, it takes 10-17 days, and the extra 5 days delay is allowed for the event of customs inspections), you are recommended to contact our support team, who will ensure full reimbursement of your payment to your card. This procedure will take about 5-7 official days, after which you will see the payment reimbursed at your card statement.

We prefer not to accept returned product regarding its specifics, since we cannot ensure storage conditions met during transporting. Therefore, we prefer not to accept medications for return, even upon condition of undamaged packing.

Privacy policy

Privacy of all information of our customer is one of the most prioritized concerns of us. For this purpose we do not share it with other companies or third party service providers.

We guarantee 100% security of all transactions executed on our checkout page. We use 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software intended for encryption of data inserted by you and employ only the billing servers authorized by reputable companies. All these stand for guaranty of safety and privacy of your information.

Please be sure that no one can obtain access to your credit card information, because only the last 4 digits of it are shown in our database.