Eriacta in Australia

There is no such a man who has never heard about Viagra. However, besides the famous drug produced by Pfizer company, the pharmaceutical market offers a lot of other pills able to improve sexual life of a man. One of the best drugs worth your attention is Eriacta. It is based on the same Sildenafil Citrate, which is the main active substance of Viagra. The chemical composition of Eriacta generic offered by Sun pharmacy at an affordable cost otc practically does not differ from the one the original medicine has. However, before taking a decision to order Eriacta tablets, it is recommended to have a closer look at the drug before you buy it without a prescription.

How does Eriacta Work for Men with ED?

Thanks to Sildenafil, Eriacta triggers a number of chemical processes in the body that create favorable conditions for erection, relaxing the muscles and providing blood flow. The drug helps to improve natural sexual functions. Pills can’t cause erection without the presence of a sexual stimulation. After taking the drug you will achieve the desired result only if there is a sexual attraction between partners. At the end of a sexual intercourse, the erection will disappear naturally.

The action of a tablet can be noticed within one hour after administration. The effect after the drug use will last for about 4-5 hours. If you need to achieve a faster result, you should take the pill before having meals. Take into account that any Australian suffering from ED is recommended to get a professional consultation before making a purchase of Eriacta otc. It is preferable due to the fact that the reasons causing erectile dysfunction may differ and sometimes, ED is not the main disease but rather the consequence of another health problem.


Which Eriacta Dosage is Available in Online Pharmacy?

50 mg of the drug is considered the optimal dosage to start from. Pills 25 mg and 100 mg are also available to buy in Australia pharmacy online over the counter. Depending on your individual sensations, you will be able either to increase or decrease the dosage. The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t overdose the drug and take more than 100 mg per day. The cheap drug can be bought on sale without a prescription due to its safety.

How to Buy Eriacta Tablets in Australia?

Each Australian experiencing problems in sexual sphere can easily purchase Eriacta at a cheap price starting from $1.31 to $3 per pill. Choose the package with the discount and order the drug delivery.

Prices per pill depend on how many tablets are in the package. You can save much paying the cheapest price if order 360 pills at once. Getting generic instead of the original drug over the counter you will save a fortune as the only difference is sale prices: the cheapest cost per Viagra pill is $12.49. It is possible to get the best ED drug otc enjoying the discount and fast delivery.