Vigora in Australia

Vigora is known as the analogue of Viagra, which isn’t inferior in quality. The only distinctive feature is its cheap price. Vigora is produced by the German Remedies Ltd. It is considered safe and efficient for men of different age groups who have been diagnosed erectile dysfunction. This drug is a great cheapest alternative for those Australian men who consider Viagra Brand to be expensive. Tablets for ED can be bought in Australia without a prescription. However, before you order the drug in the pharmacy online to improve the erection quality, it is recommended to learn more about the dosage and drug action.

Which Effect will Australian Get if Take a Pill of Vigora?

Vigora provides the desired effect for most men thanks to Sildenafil Citrate, which is the same active component of the famous Viagra. In order to achieve a hard erection and maintain it for the long period of time, it is enough to take one pill of Vigora in the dosage of 100mg. It is the maximum possible dosage per day. Vigora without a prescription should be taken an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. In case you want to be sure that it will provide an effect exactly when you need it, don’t combine its intake with alcohol and fatty food. The drug is taken orally being washed with plain water.

Tablets for ED otc have an effect during 4-6 hours. According to the research results, even men over 65 can benefit from taking this drug. It doesn’t have any age restrictions, besides the group of men under 18. After the use of this pill, any man will feel the great difference between his powerful erection caused by the Viagra generic and the one he had even before the ED diagnose.


How Much Will You Pay for the Improved Erection?

If you want to buy the best drug for ED without a prescription, visit an online pharmacy Australia, where there are always the best sale prices for drugs over the counter offered. The cheapest discount prices per pill can be enjoyed if you buy a big package. For example, the discount cost of the package containing 180 pills is $359.95, which means that the sale cost per pill is $2. Free delivery is a bonus for a large order. The Vigora price is affordable for each Australian.

In case you want to try the effect of the drug and purchase it for the first time, then you will have to pay a bit higher price per pill-$4 and a certain price for delivery. If to purchase the smallest drug package of Vigora otc it will contain 12 pills. If you compare prices with the original Viagra, you will notice the huge difference because the cost of the brand drug over the counter is several times higher.