Side Effects of Levitra

With the first dose, you can feel the minimal side effects such as a headache and a dizziness. This is a normal condition after taking the drug since it is a vasodilator in general. Consequently, there may be minimal side effects. But in the future, with the constant reception of Levitra, these negative effects are smoothed out or completely disappear.

Levitra is the best development in the pharmaceutical field. Thanks to the latest equipment and high technologies in our time, scientists have been able to synthesize the substance Vardenafil, an active component of Levitra. –°onsequently, you can achieve positive results in the field of sexual intercourse by using the drug. It helps not only to control erectile dysfunction but to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse. The medicine also remains in the blood for a long time that allows you to be sure that at any moment you can show yourself in the best possible way in the sexual field.

Nowadays, the market of pharmaceutical products is full of a huge number of drugs that significantly improve the male erection. But Levitra for Australians exceeds all expectations. Unlike analogs, it has many positive qualities and a minimal amount of side effects. For example, everyone knows Viagra begins to act more slowly, and the effect does not last long. That leads to the fact that you have to calculate the time of taking this drug every time.

Please note that Levitra remains in the blood for a long time, and, therefore, it is not desirable to take more than one tablet a day, a daily dose of 20 mg. There are also pills with other dosages: 5 mg, 10 mg, and 40 mg. And in practice, you can understand what is the optimal quantity for you. So, for example, many men reduce the amount of Levitra after the first reception. But also there are cases when it is very important to be strongly assured of a positive result. At these moments, some experts and doctors advise to increase the dose to those patients, who have already taken this medication.

Nevertheless, remember that Levitra has a danger of overdose. When taking 500 mg in one dosage, there were serious side effects.  Patients had increased pressure, angina, sweating, pain in the eyes and back, and much more, up to an instant cardiac arrest. Therefore, the recommended maximum daily dose is 40 mg. Try to adhere to these prescriptions in order to avoid bad consequences in the future. Moreover, it is is not allowed to take several doses of 40-100 mg per day, because this will cause the same result and may lead to other side effects.